Get The Skills Your Organization Needs

Measure skills, make them count

Data-Driven Skills Training

Elevation provides an end-to-end solution for your corporate training challenges. Say goodbye to completion-focused training: now, you can easily and accurately assess your employee’s skill level, uncover actual skill needs, match the exact training that will be the most effective to reach your business goals, and prove without any doubt that your employees acquired new and practical skills.

Prove ROI

By assessing and measuring every stage of the process, L&D investments are now able to prove a direct return on investment.
Get the data reports you need at the end of each training that will prove ROI and enable you to manage L&D processes at a whole new level.

End to End training & assessment

Skill Assessments

Overview of the current skill level and identification of  improvement opportunities

Live Virtual Training, Mentor Guided

Focused, iterative approach to enhance the learning experience

Empirical Skills Evaluations

Real-life projects designed to evaluate the learning outcomes and implementation of skills learned

Skills Report

Present skills proficiency before and after training & learning performance

A Taste of Our Skill List

Measure and develop your organization’s data skillset

Power BI
Statistics with Excel

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